Mobile Apps Privacy Policy

Android Apps: Last updated on Feb 1, 2022

At AlgoTech we take utmost care to safeguard our users' privacy and conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy and security.

Our mobile apps are compiled using PhoneGap build and uses third-party plugins for certain features such as displaying ads from Google, and integrating Google Play Services for leaderboard and achievements (wherever applicable).

All our apps are free and we never ask for any personal information from our users. Nor do we knowingly collect any data from the user or send any data from user's device to our own servers. App specific data is saved in the local mobile cache and is not stored on any server.

All our apps use network permissions to display ads from Google. We use Admob by Google as the only ad server. Currently we are not using any third-party ad service provider other than Google Admob.
Please check Google's Admob Privacy Policy –

Some of our games use Google Play Game Services to post highscores or achievements. These services use your Google Play Services account.
You can read about Google Play Services Terms of Service at

For further questions and information about this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.